External House Wash

Brightens up your paint

a house being washed by hand
House Washing

Buddies external house wash is handy for those who are wanting to sell a property and need to have it looking it's best before the sale, also if you've got an older house and it's looking tired, a quick external wash will brighten the paint, spruce it up or let you see just how bad that paint is under all that dust and grime.


With our proven method of house washing we can make your home look as good as new and it's a proven fact that painted wooden houses resist the harsh weathering caused by wind, dirt and harsh sunlight. Paint last longer if it is keep free from oxides.


All our work is done by hand, some things are just better that way, our method gentle and yet effective in removing years of weathering and dirt build-up including mould and dis-colouring.



Freshen up your tired paint.

Gentle hand washing

no damage to painted surfaces, using our home-made cleaning solution. Outside windows included.

  • selling your home

  • re-painting

  • renovating

  • new house purchase

  • helping Grandma tidy up

  • keeping the neighbour happy

  • removes Mould    

  • brightens paint