Extra Cleaning

Extra - Carpet cleaning

We offer a higher level of carpet cleaning with our Extra Cleaning. The excess walked on dirt and grime in your carpeted area responds well to our special soil release chemicals.
They lift that hard to get at dirt from your carpet giving a brighter and fresher look in those heavy traffic areas extending the length of time between cleans.
Great for high usage areas like office foyers and long hallways to larger entertainment rooms, the dirt removed is amazing and with no damage to your carpets.
Just the same as our Standard Carpet Clean we use our spotters to treat stains and give you our Buddies Cleaning guarantee to do our best.

Extra - Lounge Suite Clean

When lounge suites are extra dirty from excessive use in a busy home with small children an/or pets, an Extra Clean may need to be done to try to bring it back to a better look. Cats and dogs lick the fabric and leave it badly marked, needing extra cleaning with Buddies Cleaning specialised cleaning products.
Young children and often adults eating habits can add to extra work being needed to bring it back to a better standard, removing food product and the like from the fabric lounge.

extra cleaning of carpets
dirty bucket of water from carpets
buddies cleaning logoman
carpet cleaning community hall