Lounge cleaning

Fabric Lounge Clean

Fabric lounge chairs, nice and comfortable to sit in, but they easily adsorb our body fats and sweat causing them to become smelly. We all like to sit back with a drink and snacks to watch our favourite show on T.V. Then there is that little spill of dropped food or drink or maybe a family pet leaves a mark.

Let us break the cycle and professionally clean your lounge chairs and help you protect your investment.

Leather Lounge Clean

Leather lounge chairs look great in all their colours and designs, you can buy them in all types of leather, but still they become dirty and smelly from our body sweat in those long summer months and natural ageing of the leather from sunlight, that is why we offer our leather lounge cleaning service.


Sweat attracts dirt and grime, plus the body fats deteriorate the leather if left unprotected. Small cracks can appear and the leather can dry out causing breakdown of the surface.


We can HELP!! With our many years of experience, we can clean and protect your expensive leather lounge, adding years to it's life, saving you thousands of dollars.