Room Size

Standard room size

The size of a standard room in most modern homes is about 10ft. x 10ft. or 3.1m x 3.1m.

    When quoting or invoicing a client for a carpet clean of several rooms, the pricing takes in account the size and condition of the room/rooms to be cleaned.


    A room with a size over the standard size is then working out in proportion to the standard room sizing template, such as 1.5 standard rooms or 2 standard room sizes and charged accordingly.


    It can become confusing at times in homes that have a small W.I.R. (walk-in-robe) or a short hall and entrance way and even an L-shaped lounge/dining, don't worry too much we will be able to help you work it out when you call us.


    As stated in our section ' Terms and Conditions ' a minimum charge rate of 3 rooms for $85 applies to all carpet cleaning.


   Should the condition of the carpet being cleaned be extremely bad, then that carpet is charged at the 'Extra Rate' as set out on our ' Specials ' page.