Carpet Clean

Buddies Carpet Cleaning Services

We use spray extraction system, that means we pre-spray your carpets with our special solution then proceed to extract the dirt, grime and household odours using only clean water leaving your carpets fresh and bright, dry enough to walk on and usually dries in 2 to 3 hours. Drying time depends on the weather and environment.

We are often asked about our environmentally friendly carpet cleaning services and what it is. The simple way to explain would be to summerise the benefits of it below:
Low water use - low power use - bio-degradable detergent - no chemical residue left behind - clean fresh carpets - brightened colour and patterns.

Lounge clean

Fabric/leather lounges - office chairs

Lounge, dining & office chair cleaning - we use the same spray extraction method to clean your fabric chairs, leaving them looking fresh and enhancing the colour and patterns in the fabric.

Also we clean leather and apply conditioner for rejuvenating for those expensive leather lounge suites and leather office chairs.

Leather lounges and chairs need just as much care as your fabric chairs, in fact leather chairs should be cleaned once every year and have leather conditioning solution applied to extend it's life. When leather dries out it starts to crack and looses it strength and appearance.


Our cleaning method removes body grease, grime & smells, it extends the life of your fabric lounge and leather chairs.

Odour & Urine Treatment

Odour & Urine treatment/removal

Stain & odour treatment - remove those stale smells and unsightly marks in your carpet with our special treatment plus we can offer a urine detection for those pet marks in your carpet and soft furnishings. Remember the longer it stays there the longer it stays.

Blot up any excess fluids and call your carpet cleaning professional for assistance in removing the problem area before it becomes permanent.


Always be careful what you use on any stain as it may cause it to become permanent, call us for advice.

Save your money, don't replace the carpets, call us first and we can clean those stains and treat the pet marks with our urine treatment.


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